Top 10 best games about Vikings and Ancient Scandinavia

  • Post last modified:November 22, 2022

If you are a fan of the Scandinavian setting in games and are actively interested in history and myths – then be sure to check out this selection. Top 10 best projects about Vikings and Ancient Scandinavia that Thor himself would appreciate.

10. Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

If you have played Diablo, you will find this game very familiar. But do not jump to conclusions, because it is not a typical clone.

In this RPG you will take on the role of the lord of the Ulfun clan. One day the hero returns to his home village and sees the ashes: burning houses surrounded by enemy soldiers. The classic plot turns into a grand plan of revenge. The storyline, although it does not sparkle with originality, is well thought out and does not cause boredom.

Although this is an RPG, the character editor has minimal settings. On the other hand during the adventure has time to become attached to the hero. This is the classic Viking, who taunts his opponents and gets offended when he hears unfamiliar words.

The gameplay consists of systematically destroying enemies in Scandinavian locations. The environment pleases not only the variety of climate and landscape but also the aggressive environment.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is not a benchmark game in its genre, but it captivates with juicy battles, humor, unique bosses, and the incredible atmosphere of Viking travel.

9. Rune 2

The first part was almost a cult in its time, so there were high expectations for the sequel.

What did we get in Rune 2 – an open world, multiplayer sessions, construction, and survival, but the elaborate storyline does not wait. On the other hand, it all takes place within the Scandinavian setting, so Rune 2, even despite the relatively outdated graphics, may be of interest to fans.

Players will find various references to the first part, a variety of enemies, and all sorts of Scandinavian mythos. The locations do not flash with variety, but the open world is large enough and offers a lot of activities, plus it is possible to build different buildings. The only downside is that many tasks are often repeated.

Rune 2, in the opinion of many players, was a failure and did not meet expectations, but captivating for a few day’s journeys through the Scandinavian world it is quite capable.

8. Expeditions: Viking

Tactical RPG is a rare bird, and about the Vikings. However, this is what makes Expeditions: Viking in some ways a unique and interesting project.

You have just become the leader of a small clan of Vikings – it’s time to make your village famous and go down in history. How – Through battles and battles, of course. Despite the references to Scandinavian mythology, the game has no magic and mysticism as such – all things are quite simply explained and even in some places observed historical accuracy.

The advantages of Expeditions: Vikings include a lot of different quests and the ubiquitous non-linearity. Decisions have the most ambiguous consequences, which for such a small game is very rare.

Survival elements like hunger and fatigue are also present, so between adventures, you’ll have to keep an eye on the state of the Vikings. As a result, the game offers an interesting storyline, vivid character acting, as well as the classic drinking and fighting that no Viking can do without.

7. Northgard

In recent years, real-time strategy has fallen on hard times, so the stylish Northgard will be a real treat for your eyes.

Brave Vikings go to conquer uncharted lands, and you have to lead this expedition. The game features a full-fledged campaign divided into several missions. All Vikings can be assigned duties and tied to buildings. Not only can you find different resources on the map, but also creatures from mythology: Draugr fallen valkyries, you giants, and other monsters.

Gameplay is constantly «fueled by» random events like a plague of rats, frosts, or earthquakes. Solve the problems of the settlement against the background of mandatory colonization, because the new lands will not take themselves.

On a small budget Northgard – it is a beautiful and engaging strategy game with a distinctly Scandinavian style. Do not forget about multiplayer, where you can arrange a fight with a friend.

6. Jotun

If there’s one thing to love about 2D games, it’s the beautiful graphical execution. And here Jotun is a shining example. This is a hand-drawn action-adventure game set in the world of Scandinavian mythology.

Parallels with Shadow of the Colossus are acknowledged even by the developers themselves. You have a deserted open world in front of you, where you have to find your way to bosses and defeat them. Five Jotuns, representing the elements, will stand in your way. Each Jotun is unique and detailed. But the difficulty of battles constantly jumps, so you have to adapt to a particular enemy.

The story will tell not only the personal story of the protagonist Torah but also show the global, namely history of the whole world around. Jotun skillfully presents interesting characters, using the Scandinavian epos as much as possible. And it’s all in the gorgeous drawing.

If you wanted a journey in the style of God of War, then Jotun will be a pleasant, if not so large-scale discovery.

5. For Honor

The game should be called a kind of sandbox because there are warriors from different eras. You can play as Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. In this regard, the main company is divided into several chapters, each with its heroes and locations. As a result, you will be on an adventure for 7-8 hours, which will make you smile, and sweat.

Difficulties will arise often because in terms of mechanics it is a hybrid of Dark Souls and fighting games. Mastering the controls will not be so easy because of the specifics of attacks and blocking punches. Pleasantly pleased with the detailed customization of the character, up to changing the tattoos. In the image of a Viking, this is especially relevant.

Each hero has his unique skills — combinations, sets of movements, «speed» characteristics, and so on. In the game, you do not get the feeling that the change of characters just changes the appearance.

However, the main emphasis in the game is made precisely on the multiplayer. Each opponent is unpredictable, so there are no knowingly winning combinations. You will not only have to train your reaction but also carefully learn the features of each character.

The Vikings in For Honor are just a part of the whole, but it does not make the game boring. Multiplayer battles are great, even if you play as a knight or samurai.

4. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

At first glance, it’s an indie action-adventure in a Scandinavian setting, but once you go deeper into the game, you’ll find an incredible story of a strong girl with an expressive look.

A protagonist named Senua tries to get her lover back from the Goddess of Death. Senua’s Sacrifice is imbued with Scandinavian mythology. Additionally, it is worth noting the bright visuals and great music.

However, the main highlight – is the story of Senua herself. Gradually the whole picture is drawn, and the storyline begins to reveal an entirely new side. This is the uneasy story of an unfortunate man with a mental disorder. The game immerses you in the experiences and thoughts of the main character. And best of all, you can never tell exactly what’s real and what’s just fiction.

In terms of gameplay here, everything is typical — an exploration of the world with puzzles and battles. Battles will remind you of the souls series games, where you have to dodge and attack intelligently. Puzzles are most often reduced to the spatial search for the right symbols on the map.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – is one of the most atmospheric games about Scandinavia with a powerful and deep plot.

3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Perhaps the most ambitious adventure in the Scandinavian setting is AC Valhalla. It was a surprise to many players when the series from Templars and Assassins transported us to the world of the Vikings.

The basic formula remains unchanged from previous installments – Here is an open world, main and additional tasks. All this in locations in Norway and England, which will be conquered by Vikings. The developers learned from their mistakes by reducing the grind, and the scriptwriters of the famous series were responsible for the story «Vikings».

Equally interesting secondary quests, where you can discover a lot of plot details about the characters and even draw parallels to the Scandinavian gods. The world is beautiful and picturesque, though not as fulfilling as one would want from a game of this scale.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – This exciting Viking adventure in the style of the legendary series.

2. The Banner Saga (1-3)

If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, don’t miss the awesome The Banner Saga series, which has already accumulated three parts.

The first thing that catches your eye – it’s trademark drawings in the spirit of the best 2D animation. This high bar is maintained in all three installments, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and elaborate characters without interruption.

All three parts share a common gameplay component – Tactical battles and the need to maintain your «caravan». The first part is known for its meditative nature, while the following parts have a more dynamic and accelerated narrative. In battles, you will have to rely only on cunning and tactics because the enemies are often outnumbered.

Each part of The Banner Saga is unique and distinctive, and as a whole, the series – is an interesting story about the life and journey of the Vikings with characters you get attached to.

1. God of War (2018)

Even people who are far from the world of video games have probably heard of this PS4 exclusive. Numerous awards, critical and player praise, and a great story about Norse mythology.

The game’s action takes place long before the Vikings, so players can see the history of the gods themselves. The main characters are the warrior demigod Kratos and his son Atreus. And on the relationship of this pair is set throughout the whole game. From a simple slasher game to something more profound, comparable even to The Last f Us.

God of War 2018 doesn’t offer epic battles with famous Scandinavian gods, it’s more of a personal story of redemption. On the other hand, you do get to fight some gods and visit all nine worlds of Scandinavian mythology, and they are awesome. There are manuscripts, altars, and tales hidden in various places that you explore with interest.

God of War is still one of the most coveted PS4 exclusives and the best game about a Nordic deity.

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